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August 22, 2014 / Ramya

Happy Birthday Honey!

Aw!AW!  Today is one of the unforgettable day in my life. Yes! Its my Husband Birthday today. Last year, I was running here and there for buying and presenting lots of gifts for him. Because presenting birthday gifts before marriage is always a unique one. Last year I have presented shirts,purse, watch, chocolates, a boquet full of red roses… Aw! Aw! that’s very special to me. But this year I didn’t present anything. Because I’m not earning. If I’m earning I would have presented lots of gifts for him.HBH2Front

Even though its a first year Birthday after our marriage I just send a greeting card. Its a big worry for me that I didn’t present anything for his birthday. But he replied, You are my gift for this B’day. It is his greatness to say. But my heart not accepted that. All the wife present something to her husband whether she is earning or not. But my situation made me like that. If I present I don’t know what my mother in law would say so I just dropped it. This is one of the major reason why I m not presented anything to him. But the love I kept on him and my prayer for him even If I I present thing is not equal to that.  And the funny thing is I asked him I ll wish you at 12 at night. But he replied don’t do that please let me sleep. And I too slept 😦 

But still, its big sadness that I didn’t present anything….So, I dedicate this blog to you as my gift for your Birthday my dear Husband….  Once again I wish you A very “Happy Birthday” my dearestt husband.  May your coming years will be colorful like a rainbow 🙂

October 11, 2013 / Ramya

Birthday after Marriage


Today I’m celebrating my First Birthday after marriage. For every girl the first birthday after marriage is a  very special  one and one to remember till the end of her life, same with me as well and this one is much more special  because I’m celebrating my birthday after a month after my marriage with my lovable husband.

Yesterday my husband was not feeling well and I was upset. On my first birthday itself he had fever. Even though he was not well he picked up me to the shop and presented a saree for my birthday. I asked only one gift? He said I’m not feeling well I need to go to home so I ll buy you whatever you want later. I said okay and we left the place.

At night we both were sleeping. He called and asked me to increase the fan speed.  I did and I was trying to go back to  sleep. He suddenly came to me and said sorry I slept at 12 and wished me “Happy Birthday”. He gave me a card and a gift. I was totally taken back with surprise. It was dead in the night at  2.40.  I was totally stunned and didn’t expect that from him,  It was gleeful. No one would really  wish you at that time but he did.thank_you_04

Morning he told the gift is actually  a Teddy bear. I said I ll see. After that my mother in law blessed me with 500 rupees and my husband too and my brother in law wished me. while I was cooking, I got wishes  from my parents, sisters, brother and sister in law. This year my husband sister wished me so this is the new addition. This is the first time I was cooking in the kitchen on my birthday 😛  After completing all my work I opened the gift with the mind it was Teddy bear,  But It was a  silver anklet set. Really I was laughing  and amazed  as well 🙂

Then I was thinking a funny thing my husband did. He was doing something last night in our room very slowly and going here and there for sometime. I had noticed that from kitchen. But I was surprise to see  what he was doing without switching on the  lights,  Now I understood that he was trying to hide the gift box from me and make this occasion  a total surprise.

Lots of friends relatives wished me in Facebook. Thank you FB! This year also my cute little niece without interest wished me Happy Birthday ammy” ha ha ha. Unexpectedly i got wish from some of my friends too.

This year the most special unforgettable and treasured thing is my husband’s gift and the way he presented that to me. Gifting  is important on birthday,but comparing that to that a wish from the heart of our dearest ones  makes us more Happy than any other thing on that day. Its not only a wish but a pure love. The greeting card  was addressed by my husband to me as “my dearest wife”,  my eyes become moist  whenever I read it.

I would love to cherish his gift and the way and the moment he presented it ever. Thank you my dearest Husband who made my B’day an Memorable one.  I thank all my friends and relatives who wished me without forgetting the date !!! 🙂

May 8, 2013 / Ramya

My Employer My Friend

Hare Krishna!

After worked in a Prestigious software company I came to my home with lots of dreams to start a business. From the college days onwards my desire is I wanted to be an entrepreneur. But it didn’t happen for lots of reasons. After a big gap I changed my way to work from home.  At one time, my cousin friend Narendra was looking out for a person to work in his company. After having a conference call with my cousin and Narendra I signed the job. It was the 1st job without interview.

Without asking anything about me, Narendra took me to work with him. That time social media was getting popular. He taught me each and everything about social media. Lots of people asked me how you are working for lesser pay. But I thought I got a chance to learn something which I don’t know and I always give preference to 3 things while choosing my career. It is job, comfortable, place and at last  money. My career was too good with Narendra for the past 2 and half a years. We never had Employer-Employee relationship. I was very comfortable while working with him. He is so indulgent in all the ways. We can’t meet such type of persons in life. But I met 🙂

Apart from work, we discuss lots of things. I have learnt some things from him. One is Blogging.  He is my inspiration to write blog. He always encourage me to write blog. Thanks Naren. An excellent part in this journey was we never met we had only phone chat.  After worked with him for 2 years, we both met for the first time in my cousin Engagement in chennai on february . Next day Narendra took me to a Restaurant. I never had that type of food in my life. Costly food but tasty food. Thank you Buddy! He took me to his home and had good converstation with his mother for long time.

Naren, Thank you for made my dreams come true for the past 2 1/2 years. I’m happy that I was also become a part of this jouney of go4runs. As of now, My career with Narendra has got a stop button for sometime. Again after few months surely this journey will continue. Hoping this, Wish you All the very best to get more score in the go4runs in coming future 🙂

February 15, 2013 / Ramya

She is a Friend whom I am always fond of………

I was working in an MNC company in Chennai and my life was going very arid. No friends that time. I was really thinking whether I would get  a friend who is very passionate about life, adoring, daring,Enthusiastic,cute but very simple. And, all of a sudden it happened. I think It was 2006 September. That only I remember. I was staying in a Tnagar Hostel. One fine day I came very lately from office and when I opened my room door, a Tall Cute lovely girl was sitting infront of me by keeping her things in her shelves.

My another room met introduced her to me she is Appu (name has changed)  and from Hyderabad without making full stop she said She was a player too. But forgot what player she was! 😦  I just welcomed her by saying “Hi” and went to my place. At first sight, she looked very different from other girls and I didn’t like her at all except her height. By leaving her in our room, with my room met I went to have dinner. I didn’t know anything about her other than her Name.

The next day while I was leaving to office I just noticed her she was so tired and sleeping.On that day night, that cute girl invited me to have dinner with her. Without saying No, with half-heartedly I accompanied with her. I called her as “Aparna.” She corrected me its “Arpana”. Again I heed to know her name. In the beginning, I felt she was stiff but she was very cute, sharp, matured, soft spoken girl whose voice is like a bird. I never met any other girl till now in my life who is speaking so softly like her 🙂

We started to talk. Then I used to wait for her to have dinner. Our mess was situated in terrace only. Half of the portion shared to mess. So, there we started to have dinner together everyday at night. At one time, suddenly I realized she is a Friend for whom I’m waiting for till these years 🙂 We shared our likes, dislikes about workplace, personal things, music, dance, cinema, art, nature, place about everything and every day. After having dinner everyone goes to their room or to watch television. But we sit and we talk for long hours. I think up to 12 ‘o’ clock and sometimes even at 1’o’ clock. Even though we were tired, we liked to spend our time like this. That’s our pre-eminent part. That makes us more closer than before. In all the things our attitude, way of thinking, approach were same.images

Whatever situation it is, I never had my dinner without her presence. That’s the only time for us to share the whole things about what had happened on that day. I started to go out with her on every weekend. I felt very happy that I got a Friend to roam in Chennai 🙂  Before that I didn’t have any friends at my working place or in my room to share, to talk or to go out. We used to go to Pondy Bazaar  every weekend. We  purchase like anything. We always came lately to hostel if we go outside.  Always I got a call from warden to meet her. She would advice come earlier. My warden never scold us for anything because we were  really a good girls in all the ways except this so she had some soft corner on us 🙂

Everyone likes Full Moon whatever age they are in. We both too crazy about full moon. If the full moon day is nearing we would plan like anything.  We used to wish and we had a great dinner (not mentioning the food) and immense discussion about everything on every full moon day at terrace. But we never took pictures. Because we don’t have camera that time 😦 But still  that memories only alive. Every month when Full Moon comes where ever we are, we both used to see each other  in moon on full moon day. Not only that but with all the sweet memories.

Our love grows stronger like our relationship. At one situation everyone in our hostel thought we were friends from childhood. That much we are closer together. The funny part is she don’t know Tamil and I don’t know Telugu. We used to talk in English only. And I became a Tamil teacher 🙂 as well sometimes. I never had a habit of book reading. And, she insisted me to read books. Now, I love to read books. Even though we grown up sometimes some misunderstandings or some ego problems arise within friends. But we never undergone such feelings till now.

One day early morning, I was washing my clothes and someone knocked the door. And I didnt know who was there on the other side. As I was locked the door inside. All of a sudden I thought its Appu? and she was not with me that time. (Because her marriage got fixed and she left the hostel) I was asking who is this? But no reply from other side. I got irritated and opened the door. when I saw What I thought was right. Its none other than Appu. OMG! That’s True Friendship and love which I had on her.

Suddenly, she got  married and went to US. Without her company, life became very horrible for me. I don’t know anyone other than her. I felt really so bad without her. But whatever things happen, life has to move on. That’s one thing I learned from her separation. She still used to say that dialogue to me 🙂 while thinking to get rid of this, I got some other friends in my hostel.

Now we have lots of things and social media sites to communicate. But we hardly use that. But still our love, care,affection, friendliness, warmth are growing more day by day but not reduced a bit 🙂

Getting Friends who understands whom we are  is really a blessing for everyone. Having such kind of Friend is a finest part  in life and in Friendship too. I’m really blessed to have her in my life.

Appu,  my dear Friend, I’ m dedicating this blog to you for the love you are having on me 🙂

January 1, 2013 / Ramya

Bye Bye 2012! Welcome 2013*

🙂 A New year has just started. Everyone is busy in buying new things, planning the whole year, outing etc etc…. Some people would say its just like another day. But Is there anything special about New year? Of course!!!  Its just not like another day. Its a very First day of the year. Anything first is always special be it a gift or a trip or joining a school or college or a job or getting a friend or a lover.  First is always special. A New day always have loads of surprise to step further into the New year.

Apart from all the common things to carry out on new year, a very significant thing is there for everyone. Its New year Resolution 🙂 When we were young, we always have Resolutions. Whether we are pursuing that or not but we have a list. At least two things would be there to fulfill. Still, I remember When I was young I used to write Resolutions in a paper and I keep it in my draw. Every day I see that not to follow but to see what I had written on the first day 😉  Seriously,I followed that for a month after that its gone not only my Resolutions but also that paper 😉 new-year-2013-beach-wallpaper-36

2012 was good for me. Even though big event was not happened but last year was something special in lots of ways for me. My small cute niece presented a B’day card which was written by her, and my sister presented a mantra box which plays only krishna songs. I gifted  a Gold jewellery to my niece, Started to write blog because of the inspiration given by my friend  Naren, Had a nice shopping throughout the year, Some of  the relationships have grown up. And above all, I had seen a good improvement in self realization. Started to read Bhagavad Gita,  and understand it thoroughly also started to chant 16 rounds by the mercy of Krishna. Lord krishna reciprocated my love towards him so many times through out the year. That’s the only thing makes me to nourish everytime when I think about that.

Hope this year also I have loads of surprises waiting for them to happen.. “Determination is the key to land in the port of Success.” I have really realised this many times in last year by seeing others and by seeing myself. Let’s improve our good character and  celebrate the coming days with real inner peace.

Enjoy your New day with lots of Happiness!!

Happy New Year to all 🙂

November 26, 2012 / Ramya

Chanting the Holy Names

What s Chanting – Calling the Lord Names with deep love & faith, and with pure devotion. It is the Dharma of this Kali Yuga. By Chanting we are not only calling Lord but we make our soul and mind to relax from this material life and makes us to enter into spiritual peace. We may speculate,”Does Lord really notice about those who Chant his Names?” “Does he reciprocate it?” Yes! Hundred percent! How come? Read this: 🙂

Two years ago, One dark midnight I sat in front of the Lord to get his mercy. I chanted his Names” Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare; Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare”. I hadn’t even know How to chant, How to meditate on Lord, Which finger has to use, How to address the lord. But I chanted 3 rounds by thinking Lord’s form. After a round, my body became weightless and I forgot myself utterly where I was. But I knew that I m talking to Krishna by calling his name. I believed I was in spiritual place.

First time in my life I saw Lord Guruvayoorappan (Paramatma) through atma at myPooja place. Lord was dressed in shinning yellow colour having Conchshell in one hand and Chakra in another hand, Lord was standing so small before me. That was my life priceless and precious moment. When I opened my eyes there was no one. That time realised What is “Bhakthi?” 

Similarly, last friday I had gone to Guruvayoorappan temple in Chennai. After visited the temple, I sat to chant 16 rounds in front of lord. My Long time desire fulfilled that time. After finished chanting, I attended seeveli ( its a function always happen in kerala temples) and received prasadam. After I came out from temple, I tried to keep the prasadam in the bag but it was not possible. I felt it would be nice if i get one more plain plate and asked a person to give. He gave but couldn’t keep it properly. I hesitated to ask again to that person so didn’t ask. Again thought I need one more plate to cover the prasadam. Suddenly Near to my bag, a plate was there. I was in that place for 10 minutes but I didn’t see any plates. I believed Lord was watching me and felt so happy for that.

Again I visited the temple last sunday. Chanted few rounds. After chanting, asked the lord, did you accept my chanting? and I begged to Lord smile for me. Suddenly a garland which was on the Lord fell down. Not a tears but really cried for his mercy on me. Till I left the temple, garland was like that.

Ofcourse!!! Krishna notices the chanters and reciprocate his mercy infinite times who love to chant his names. Krishna thinks, This person belongs to me. I ll protect him always.  And He will…… 🙂

To chant His Names you don’t want to be in Iskcon. But you should have the love towards Krishna 🙂

October 12, 2012 / Ramya

My Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday. This year B’day was somewhat special than other B’days. Because yesterday was Ekadasi. Lord krishna’s day.Started my day with pooja. So Happy. Prayed to Lord Every year Ekadasi must falls on my B’day.On B’day usually we receive wishes from others. But I got to wish one more person who share her B’day on same day. Its none other than “My Twin”.

Every year I plan to wish her first but that didn’t happen till last year. This year I took that opportunity and wished her first 🙂 First wish was from my Twin at night itself. Celebrating B’days together was a fun. When we were in college we had lots of memorable moments on our B’day. We both like cards a lot and we used to exchange that.

On that day morning, while coming down to have coffee my sister wished me with her hands and little later with her gifts.Then Mom wished me with 5star choclate. Surprised!!! Then I was getting calls from my brothers, and other relations.From 2005 to till now I have been getting wishes from one of the Aunty and the Uncle. I never forget them in my life. 

Afternoon I got a call from my cute little niece Hridhaya who wished me with her naughty speech. I put little effort to get her wish 🙂 Today received a B’day card from her and she wrote Happy Birthday with her comical handwriting. Really She made my day.

Facebook was waiting with loads of B’day wishes from all my friends who are in India and outside India. I’m receiving wishes till now.I know most of my friends doesn’t know my B’day and we are not in touch also. But Facebook helped me to get their wishes also and made my day little more beautiful. Thanks Facebook 🙂

Birthdays are the times, we can come to know about the people who really remember us on that day. Whether they are in our contact or not but suddenly if we get a message from them saying “Happy Birthday” That two words makes us so happy. What would happen if they not wished?  Nothing. But their wish also gives little smile in our face.

My B’day went like other normal days with lots of wishes from all the people. And Specially with Lord krishna blessings. As this year is started with lord blessings hope everything goes well. Thank you all for your kind wishes! Thank you Lord! 🙂